Cardfile Screenshot and discussion:

Cardfile Screenshot

The applet is built with several windows, each showing specific items. Across the top is the menu, which is accessible with hotkeys, and below the menu are action buttons.

On the left there is a list of the index fields found in the .CRD file. The right side of the applet is divided into three vertical windows. The top one contains the index field of the currently selected card. Immediately below that is an editable area which contains the entry found in the data section of the file. The bottom window is used to display some status information, which is being used while testing out the program to see whether I have the file data structures interpreted correctly. Some of the items in that window: the total number of entries as found in the MGC header, the index value of the current card, the string length of the index, and some values calculated by the app to check the size of elements contained in the file.

You have several ways to look at a card - you can either step through the cards using the <prev> and <next> buttons or the Records/Previous and Records/Next menu items, or you can click on the index of a record you want on the left side of the applet window. The currently highlighted index entry is shown at the top of the right hand side, and the data associated with it is show immediately below that.